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Restorative Yoga
with Pamela Joy Swift

Restorative Yoga is an experience of deliberate stillness. Through the use of a variety of props like pillows, towels, and blankets, the physical body is fully supported in each of the yoga postures. As the body relaxes and settles into each of the postures, a deep level of tranquility and inner joy results. This letting go of external control softly shifts the consciousness inward, and you then experience a deeper, meditative awareness of your true self. Shifts in perspective begin to naturally happen, the mind opens to new insights, and healing energy flows through you.


Restorative Yoga is appropriate for everyone, including the beginning student to the more advanced student, individuals overweight, inactive, or medically fragile. No prior knowledge of hatha yoga is necessary. The health benefits include a strengthening of the immune system, the body’s organs and the hormones are stimulated and soothed, the nervous system is calmed, and the muscle fascia is lengthened. This, in turn, quiets and focuses the mind, enhancing the body’s natural healing process. It allows the psyche time for contemplative reflection and integration, promoting clear, intuitive insights. In the etheric body it balances the two aspects of energy: Prana, the masculine energy, and Apana, the feminine energy.

Yoga and the Chakras
with Pamela Joy Swift

There are 72,000 nadis (pathways of energy) crisscrossing throughout the astral body. The points where these pathways cross are called chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word that is translated as meaning "a spinning wheel of light". There are over 200 chakras in the astral body, however there are seven main chakras. These energy centers are located along the Sushuma, the central canal that corresponds to the spinal column in the physical body. The Pingala and Ida nadis, which flow through the right and left nostrils, weave back and forth across each other as they spiral down the left and right sides of the Sushuma. During normal activity prana (life force) flows in through these two nadis, but during meditation the prana flows straight up through the Sushuma. 
Each chakra has a vibration that corresponds to a color, a sound and an element. Below is chart showing the fundamental information for each chakra.

1. Muladhara: Base of the spine Red Lam Earth
2. Swadhistana Pelvic area Orange Vam Water
3. Manipura Behind the navel Yellow Ram Fire
4. Anahata Behind the sternum Green Yam Air
5. Vishuddha Throat Blue Ham Ether
6. Ajna Middle of forehead Purple Om  Intuitive Mind
7. Sahasrara Just above the head White (none) (none)

In this 2 hour workshop Pamela will present an overview of the seven main chakras in the body, as well as guide the students through a yoga posture flow that will stimulate the 7 energy centers along the spine. Visualization, breathing techniques, and chanting will also be incorporated into the yoga flow, enhancing your awareness and connection with these powerful energy centers. The class will end with a 20 minute guided chakra meditation.

This yoga workshop is appropriate for all levels of students from beginner to advanced. Please wear comfortable yoga clothes and bring a yoga mat and a large beach towel.

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