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Sacred Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Sessions with Pamela

Sacred Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Sessions
Private Studio for Small Group or Larger Groups at Your Locaton
Crystal Bowl Sound Healing creates a deeply relaxing and meditative state allowing the mind and body to naturally heal itself.

The seven crystal bowls are attuned to the vibrations of each of the seven main chakras. When the crystal bowls are played the frequencies of the vibrating bowls resonate with the energy of the 7 main Chakras from the base of the spine to the top of the head, transforming these vortexes of energy into healthy alignment. The whole body is bathed in sound waves. The brain waves transition into the Alpha and then Theta state, the nervous system relaxes, and the emotional body calms.

It is truly an experience like no other!

Pamela is a licensed and certified 500-hour Advanced Kripalu Yoga Teacher with over 40 years of experience teaching yoga and meditation. She has taught hundreds of yoga and meditation students, from children to adults, and was the founder and owner of Spiritual Oasis Healing and Yoga Center in West Palm Beach, Florida

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