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    "The Yoga and the Chakras workshop helped me to see the connection between my energy body and my physical body in a much more significant way. I really enjoyed the opportunity of shifting my academic knowledge of the chakras to an experiential knowledge through her yoga workshop.  Pamela's yoga style is gentle, yet challenging.   During her workshop I had the realization of the opportunity to relax into each pose, finding I could go further into each posture than I previously thought, being gently coached by Pamela through the process.  Practicing yoga with a greater awareness of the energy in my chakra body has given me a deeper appreciation for the significance and benefits of yoga to my overall well-being."
Steve Ray
UPB Prayer Chaplain 

     I look forward to the tranquility emanating from Pamela's Wednesday night yoga class. Her soothing voice and inspirational meditations are a perfect complement to a balanced yoga practice.  I leave class feeling open, centered, strong, and refreshed. 
Michelle Gideon
Spiritual Oasis is such a fitting name because it has taught me a sense of sacredness and peace.  It's in the teachings here, and best of all, I'm learning it's within me.
Art Sanchez, Net Jets Pilot

"Thank you again for another amazing experience from last Saturday's "Restorative Yoga" workshop.  The effects I am experiencing from the workshop: I am able to sleep better at night, my breathing is better, I feel more relaxed in my body, and more anchored in each moment.   What a great gift -- it was like experiencing a mini vacation!"
Marlene Silver

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    As a health care professional, when my physician gave me a choice between increasing my medication or  trying yoga for my arthritis, high blood pressure, and anxiety, I was highly skeptical about yoga as an intervention. But, I opted to try the yoga, not fully understanding or believing, but committed to give it a try as I did not want to increase my medication.

     I started with Pamela at Changing Times around 3 months ago, transitioning in January to Spiritual Oasis, and incorporating Reiki and meditation into my health commitment. Everyday, I see a tremendous difference in my physical, mental and emotional health and it is noticed by my family, friends and colleagues that I "shine" from within, and have more spring in my step. I am sleeping better, have infrequent anxiety attacks and my arthritis pain is incredibly reduced. 

     I recently returned to my physician, and to my surprise, my blood pressure had returned to normal.  These developments are nothing more than miraculous as I have battled all of these health concerns for over 15 years, with no success with conventional interventions. Today,I am medication free and feel better than I ever have. I look forward to new discoveries and continued blessings in my life and health in my continued relationship with Pamela at Spiritual Oasis, and I recommend her to my patients and incorporate her treatments into their care plans with amazing results.
Dawn Watson, Registered Nurse


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